Conflict Styles

A lack of morale in the workplace is a recipe for disaster. Get rid of the guesswork when it comes to motivating your workforce; stop guessing and start succeeding!

You now have, immediately at your disposal, a specialise tool to streamline a simple yet high-value motivational environment tailored to each individual's strengths and interests.
What does conflict leads to?

A Google search of the phrase “conflict leads to” produces the following results:


We love this! Did you notice that none of the results were negative?

Conflict is not negative

How different would your experiences be if you nurtured your mindset that: "Conflict is a chance of growth; an opportunity to improve."

And since we have adopted this into our way of thinking, it has opened a world of possibilities that had previously been concealed behind a layer of faulty assumptions and fear of the unknown.

This transformational perspective helped extract the fangs of conflict and mutes its menacing growl. We no longer view conflict as a fight for street cred or respect. Instead, it’s an opportunity for us to get better and better.

Therefore, we should learn how to handle conflict...because doing so will lead to a continuous improvement in us.

Handle Conflicts with care

It’s important to note that not all conflict can be resolved, but it all must certainly be handled with care.

There is a solution to support you with this ever important leadership task. Style Matters: The Kraybill Conflict Style Inventory is a culturally flexible, psychometrically-validated approach that identifies users' preferred conflict management style.

The inventory takes between 3-5 minutes to complete, after which you’ll receive a comprehensive report with detailed suggestions for optimizing your 5 conflict styles:

√ Directing
√ Avoiding
√ Harmonizing
√ Cooperating
√ Compromising

The report devotes several pages to exploring each conflict style, outlining their strengths and caution points, as well as offering insights on how to work with people who favor a certain conflict style.

One distinguishing advantage of this inventory is that it also assesses users' “Storm Shift,” which is how their behavior changes as conflict escalates. Knowing your “Storm Shift” will help to increase your emotional intelligence and achieve self-mastery of your emotions, even in the midst of a heated argument.

Download A sample assessment here
Why this will bring value to you
  • Understand the unique personalities of others and use that understanding to better work with them.
  • Develop leadership quality and be able to work with others
  • DISC shows you what you are doing and the Motivators Assessments shows you why you do what you do. Combine them both for better performance across teams and on a personal level!
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He is a professional Ontological Coach, certified Executive and Team Performance Coach, and a certified coach in Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ). Steven is an Assessments Certified Practitioner (ACP) with 24x7 Assessments and is an approved recertification provider for SHRM and HRCI.

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