DISC Assessment

A lack of morale in the workplace is a recipe for disaster. Get rid of the guesswork when it comes to motivating your workforce. Stop guessing and start succeeding!

You now have at your disposal, a specialized tool to create a  coveted, high-motivation environment tailored to each of your team members' strengths and interests.
Do you recognize these people In your workplace?

➔ The "doer," “never say no” go-getter who often rushes to get things done and stops only for a quick snack...or to accept the next challenge.

➔ The boisterous talker who doesn't shy away from the spotlight and who struggles to stay on task. 

➔ The extremely compassionate peacekeeper who delays making changes until they know everyone is together and no one is left behind.

➔ The "detail-oriented" doubter who pushes back on you, wants to "go by the book" and asks A LOT of questions.

Am I working in a circus?

There are moments when the workplace seems like a gathering place for people with..."interesting" behaviors. {{Cough}}

Communicating with someone who behaves and thinks differently than you proves to be challenging and frustrating. Therefore, most people avoid it.

However, it is crucial to remember that poor communication causes teams to drift apart—and without teamwork, a team cannot be productive or meet milestones and objectives.

Being able to work with a diversity of people is a proven leadership trait. People from different walks of life bring invaluable expertise to the table, and successful leaders nurture this and even leverage it as an advantage. 

Fortunately, there is a tool that helps you better manage how you work and adapt to others without being engulfed in an emotional inferno of negativity and stress—the DISC assessment.

Here's Your blueprint for understanding others

Begin by taking the DISC assessment. Once the 15-minute questionnaire is completed, you will receive a report detailing your "Natural" and "Adaptive" behavioral styles, as well as your strengths and areas for further development.

During your debrief and coaching session, you will have a thorough understanding of both the DISC assessment and your individual behavior style. This self-awareness enables you to better identify, understand, and successfully engage with the various behavioral types of others, be it in the workplace or in your personal life.

the DISC seems like magic, but it is not

It makes no predictions about who you are or who you will become. That, right there, belongs to a Higher Power. It is, nevertheless, a very useful tool for revealing how people prefer to act and how others judge their behaviors. DISC is a starting point for bringing awareness to how your actions and behaviors appear to others. You can then use that knowledge to present yourself even better the next time.

DISC helps answer the age-old WHAT questions:

"What is the best way to work with others?"
"What can I do to reduce the tension with everyone better?"
"What is the best way to improve team solidarity?"

Well, now you have the answers to them!

Download A sample assessment here
Why this will bring value to you
  • Understand the unique personalities of others and use that understanding to better work with them.
  • Develop leadership quality and be able to work with others
  • DISC shows you what you are doing and the Motivators Assessment shows you why you do what you do. Combine them both for better performance across teams and on a personal level!
About your coach
Steven Lozada

Management Consultant

Founder of Upward Mindset, LLC and your Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Project Management Professional (PMP) and an MBA with an empathetic focus on helping you surrender the past, serve the present, and shape the future.

He is a professional Ontological Coach, certified Executive and Team Performance Coach, and a certified coach in Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ). Steven is an Assessments Certified Practitioner (ACP) with 24x7 Assessments and is an approved recertification provider for SHRM and HRCI.

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