Emotional Intelligence

It's a leadership mistake to ignore the long known principle that people make choices first based on emotion and then justify them with logic.

You can avoid this mistake and maximize your influence by first discovering your EQ level and then developing it even more. 
You're only 18 inches away from...

➔ Shaping better interactions with others, even when they don’t work for you.
➔ Making better decisions even without having all the information.
➔ Adapting to change without feeling like you’re losing more than you’re gaining.
➔ Designing positive places of high performance without being a tyrant.

These super benefits are attainable when you close the 18-inch gap.

Smartly Bridge your emotions & Intelligence

Did you know that the distance between your brain and your heart is 18 inches? While the distance is very short, it is certainly the greatest journey you’ll travel for your career—but it's well worth it because the rewards are amazing.

Emotional Intelligence has been found as a distinguishing characteristic of highly successful people. This is true both in their personal and professional lives.

Here's the great news...

Coaching and deliberate practice can help you improve your Emotional Intelligence over time.

As a result, Emotional Intelligence boosts your confidence and makes you a more effective manager and a better leader, which leads to better teamwork and adoration from those you lead... simply by learning to recognize, manage, and effectively communicate your own and others' emotions.

Emotional Intelligence for professional success

When you understand and learn how to interpret your own emotions and the feelings of others, you can:
➔ Reduce unnecessary conflicts in your relationships and improve their quality
➔ Engage in outcomes that are mutually beneficial to you and others
➔ Improve your messaging and your ability to influence others
➔ Generate lucrative partnerships and coordinate effective actions.

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Why this will bring value to you
  • Understand the unique personalities of others and use that understanding to better work with them.
  • Develop leadership quality and be able to work with others
  • DISC shows you what you are doing and the Motivators Assessments shows you why you do what you do. Combine them both for better performance across teams and on a personal level!
About your coach
Steven LOzAda
Founder of Upward Mindset, LLC and your Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Project Management Professional (PMP) and an MBA with an empathetic focus on helping you surrender the past, serve the present, and shape the future.

He is a professional Ontological Coach, certified Executive and Team Performance Coach, and a certified coach in Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ). Steven is an Assessments Certified Practitioner (ACP) with 24x7 Assessments and is an approved recertification provider for SHRM and HRCI.
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