Learning Styles

A lack of morale in the workplace is a recipe for disaster. Get rid of the guesswork when it comes to motivating your workforce; stop guessing and start succeeding!

You now have, immediately at your disposal, a specialise tool to streamline a simple yet high-value motivational environment tailored to each individual's strengths and interests.
When is training too costly?

There are interesting answers to the question, but we would like to bring your attention to what someone once quipped: "If you believe education is too costly, consider the cost of ignorance."

Now, this remark is a little dismissive for our taste, but it does lead to some valuable insight.

We should strive for a learning experience that can’t be forgotten...because forgetting is expensive.

Do you budget learning?

Budgeting is the act of planning and allocating money to a project to ensure successful completion; a smart way to avoid spending too much.

You budget money for learning and development, but why don't you budget the learning experience?

By strategically planning and allocating resources throughout the entire learning process, you are budgeting the learning experience by maximising success and avoiding losses.

Know your learner

People are unique, so are their learning styles; everyone learns at their own pace, no matter how objective we want learning to be.

Training will be too costly if it is done without taking into account the key factors that impacts how each trainee learns and retains new knowledge.

We can all agree that the rewards of effective learning and training are well worth the time and money invested, regardless of the learning modality or subject matter. However, there is a limit to how much we can invest before training becomes unprofitable.

What is your learning style?

To maximise effective learning for trainees, we must first identify their learning styles. Just as its name implies, Learning Styles identifies an individual's most effective methods for Learning and retaining new information.

Some people like to learn through various medium:
√ Reading books and articles
√ Listening to an Instructor present
√ Watch videos lessons at their leisure

While others like to learn through various settings:
√ Alone, having the time and space to process.
√ Working in groups to share and compare ideas.

There are those who can grasp information intuitively, while others prefer to follow a firmly structure, sequential path.

Understanding Learning Styles

It might be challenging (and complicated) to account for everyone's unique learning style. But, we have a solution for you to easily sort the jumbled mess by using the learning styles assessment.

If you get these things right for learners, then you can maximize your training efficiencies, enlighten your management teams and even assemble high-performing teams.

In short, understanding the learning styles will help you stop worrying about keeping training costs down and increase your confidence in powering your people with profitable skills for success.

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Why this will bring value to you
  • Understand the unique personalities of others and use that understanding to better work with them.
  • Develop leadership quality and be able to work with others
  • DISC shows you what you are doing and the Motivators Assessments shows you why you do what you do. Combine them both for better performance across teams and on a personal level!
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