A lack of morale in the workplace is a recipe for disaster. Get rid of the guesswork when it comes to motivating your workforce; stop guessing and start succeeding!

You now have, immediately at your disposal, a specialise tool to streamline a simple yet high-value motivational environment tailored to each individual's strengths and interests.
Motivation is mentally exhausting

It's not easy to manage people, let alone motivate them. Unmotivated employees don't give their 100%.  They work slowly, dodge responsibilities, and slack off when at work. If left unchecked, they have a cascading impact on others—impeding the company's ability to produce high standard work and fulfilling crucial milestones.

There is no denying that motivation is a powerful force in the workplace, but grasping and harnessing its full potential proves a difficult challenge. Despite not understanding the intrinsic nature of motivations ourselves, we attach the term "self-motivated" to job descriptions when recruiting. 

We've simply transferred what we don’t know and put it on somebody else—who doesn't know either!

The Scientific Proof from Harvard

Harvard provides the research, while we provide the solution.

The Motivators Assessment is an essential tool for understanding what actually motivates an individual.

This very assessment has been used by many successful firms and HR managers to understand the inner driving force behind each employee—and use that knowledge to motivate them!

put an end to the motivation madness

It is time to stop wasting resources on incentives and initiatives that don't work. 

You now have, at your disposal, an assessment tool that paves the way towards a happy, productive, and highly engaged workforce.

Stop guessing and start succeeding
Unlock the potential of your workforce with these THREE key steps:
1) Complete a 15 minute Motivators Assessment
2) Have an insightful coaching session with us
3) Unlock a treasure of actionable knowledge
Download A sample assessment here
Why this will bring value to you
  • Discover the seven underlying motivational dimensions that influence people's actions and behaviours.
  • Get rid of the guesswork that's suffocating your time and draining your budget
  • Specialise tools to streamline a simple yet high-value environment tailored to each individual's strengths and interests.
About your coach
Steven Lazoda

Founder of Upward Mindset, LLC and your Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Project Management Professional (PMP) and an MBA with an empathetic focus on helping you surrender the past, serve the present, and shape the future.

He is a professional Ontological Coach, certified Executive and Team Performance Coach, and a certified coach in Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ). Steven is an Assessments Certified Practitioner (ACP) with 24x7 Assessments and is an approved recertification provider for SHRM and HRCI.

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