If you can't say no...
then people can't trust your yes
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5 steps to a Zero-Guilt "NO"
This "busy-leader's" 12-page quick guide helps you guard your time, treasure and talent without tension or negativity.
Show empathy without being weak
Break the chains of people-pleasing
Feel confident without being ruthless
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Meticulously Written by
Steven Lozada
Leadership Growth Coach
Learn to say "No" while supercharging your reputation & extinguishing guilt.

I wrote this empathy infused guide for leaders with a servant leadership disposition who care about helping people, but their schedules are as full as their well intentioned hearts.

You'll uncover how to release the choking grip on your time to let your value flow to others.

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I absolutely had some takeaways that I will implement in both my personal and professional life.
Thank you for your time and professionalism! It was truly an inspiring program.”

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A sneak peek of our book
Chapter 1: Affirm

Keep in mind that the person making a request of you may have a genuine need for your help or may be seeking some attention from you to feel connected or even important. Either way, they're approaching you because they have an aspiration and believe that you might be a conduit for their success.

This may bring with it some flattery, but hopefully it generates greater gratitude in you, which is critically important. As you engage this 5-step process, I invite you to engage it with honesty and humility because this is essential for being graceful in saying "no."

Repleted with practical examples & statements to teaches you to say NO...but with grace!
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